Moron 1 - was shot and killed because he threatened, chased, and attacked

Moron 2 - shot in the chest at point-blank when he tried to kill and then take the gun

Moron 3 - had a giant hole blown in his arm because he attacked and was about to shoot him

God was on this guy's side that night - there is no doubt in my mind.

After all - what kind of person tries to attack someone with a gun? A moron, that's who.

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I actually don't believe anyone here is in touch with reality. This might as well be titled "how to confabulate a story to sooth the decrepid brain under the multi-color hair"

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This is the most confusing way to analyse these events, it's almost like it's intentional to sell a certain narrative. Read https://www.bullshido.net/anatomy-of-a-catastrophe/ for a much better takeaway.

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"CLAIM: The incident begins with Rittenhouse being pushed to the floor"

Nobody on the right claims that. In fact they all claim that he was running away from being attacked when he tripped. This is what the video shows.

"CLAIM: A molotov cocktail was thrown at Rittenhouse"

Again the right have never claimed that.

"CLAIM: Rittenhouse calls 911 to help his first victim"

Again, the "right" doesn't claim this.

"CLAIM: Rittenhouse shot protesters to protect the burning of a business"

Yet again, the right doesn't claim this. They claim, correctly, that he shot them to protect himself.

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Gaige also had a gun why did have to take one with him, its bad enough that they had them, the really worrying part, is he didn't know that rittenhouse was the shooter, in his live film he talked to him at first and then ran back to help, he only chased him because other people said thats him, what if he was wrong and it was someone actually going to get the police, why would he try to kill someone, without knowing if he had done anything wrong, i just don't understand it, everyone just all seemed to go crazy, its frightening, people panic when loud noises go off and run around like headless chickens, what if someone thought Gaige was the shooter and shot him by mistake, he was running with a gun and there was all sorts of bangs going off.

I saw a picture of Gaige with his hands up and though that the coward rittenhouse had shot him for nothing, but the film shows him pointing his gun jumping forward and then getting shot, what a stupid thing to do, thank god he didn't get killed, he is so lucky to be alive, it made me realize that real life gunfights are nothing like the films.

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Matt Binder really is a huge piece of worthless trash, and this garbage piece is just another proof that lefttards who shriek loudest about "misnfo" are the actual peddlers promoting it in the service of their own ideology

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You know, I’m beginning to think that this fellow might not be….very trustworthy.

It is a curious thing that one who followed this case with such assiduity, in the beginning, has quite neglected to set the record straight now that it has come to trial. The title of “misinfo” is just about the most patronizing thing, and the most entertaining. For, whenever the subject comes up now on The Majority Report, all that Mr. Binder can do is leer nauseatingly into the camera while his fellow obscurantists quack on about the “broader social context” of the trial rather than the details pertaining to the defendant (Source 1).

You see, whenever these charlatans decide to cover anything, the question is always asked: “who benefits?” In other words, if they have an opportunity to tar and feather a right-wing, white supremacist, Uber-nazi, who "totally crossed state lines and sheeeit", then they will. But should any evidence surface which puts the leftist “victims” in a bad light, or that makes it likely that said right-winger did nothing wrong, then they will pivot on a dime, throwing incessant b!tchfits about the judge having a bias, or “what an acquittal means for the protestors”, or Tulsi’s supposed beyond-the-pale comments on the issue (Source 2, 3).

This has two functions:

Firstly, it suffices to divert the attention of the audience away from any new evidence. TYT at least had the decency to admit the drone footage sheds new light on things. Kyle did, in fact, flee for his life. He did not fire at Rosenbaum the moment that he was charged. And if you think for a moment that he would have shot someone over a smashed window or burnt-out automobile but not this, then you are either an imbecile or you are lying to yourself.

The second is to put out of their minds the whole of the trial itself, and to direct focus onto the general right-wing. If Kyle is not guilty and it looks like the people he shot were genuine thugs, then at least they can attack the right-wing from a different angle.

Just as Emma mentioned in that video, it has, for them, everything to do with the “system” and almost nothing to do with the individual on trial. And they don’t care because, to them, not only was he (they thought) an easy target, but someone of the newest generation who constitutes a credible threat to their self-proclaimed droit du seigneur. You see, Kyle didn’t exactly like watching a city being raped and raised. And that irks them something powerful. Not only that, but he, in front of millions, exposed these swine just for who they are. That is, a thunderous bunch of meat-heads whose chief aim in life (and in death) seems to have been to prove to even the most optimistic of onlookers that there are some people who are just too dumb to live.

Such people deserve pity, according to the leftist, just as the character of Lennie in "Of Mice and Men" deserves pity. Here, clumsiness is confused for genuine malice. But no matter. Rosenbaum may have been an unhinged, bloodthirsty, irascible son-of-a-b!tch, a maladroit and a pederast (4), but at least he ended up on “ the right side of history”. And that, much like a presidential pardon, a papal edict, or an interview with ABC, it covers a multitude of sins (Source 5).

It didn’t matter to him that Rosenbaum screamed bloody threats and tied his shirt around his head in the manner of a scarf (so as not to be identified). It didn’t matter that Wisconsin self-defense law makes clear that you cannot chase after a person and still claim self defense (939.48 section 2 b) (Source 6). It did not even matter that Rosenbaum was much larger, stronger, and perhaps even faster than Kyle.

I have serious doubts, however, that anyone will get wise to the Majority Reports’s duplicity who has not already. Their audience has been distilled down over the years to the highest proof of sectarian doltishness and willful dupes this side of TYT (though even they had the decency to admit new evidence from time to time). I think it can be said of a typical MR audience member that the most baseless and erroneous accusations (so long as they do not involve 2 plus 2 equaling 5) can be hurled at the right, while whatever maudlin inanities regarding such prehensile (7) leftist swine as Grosskreutz are taken on the best of faith and without the slightest wavering of his credulity.

And seriously, the refrain of “he shouldn’t have been there to begin with” and that Rittenhouse is thus somehow responsible for a man trying to beat him to a bloody pulp, smacks of just the sort of hubris that one finds with gangs and their territorial wranglings. Basically, they mean “dis our hood now n1gga”.

The poignancy of the aphorism: “they cry out as they strike you” should be lost on nobody at this point.


(1) Tulsi's Comments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2ksJD1IcXw

(2) Bias of the Judge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aI_3z3EQPkA

(3) Acquittal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrcQI1FZEQU

(4) Pederasty: https://www.wisconsinrightnow.com/2021/03/11/joseph-rosenbaum-sex-offender/

(5) ABC interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oocNVvTHP5M

(6) Self Defense Laws: https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/statutes/statutes/939/iii/48

(7) Grosskreutz sues for 10 mil: https://www.npr.org/2021/10/17/1046879620/protester-shot-by- kyle-rittenhouse-kenosha-wisconsin-jacob-blake

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This shit was cooked up right in the coals. 🤣 major fail & burn. #FakeNews

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So who paint shopped that bag???? I happen to know you put more in it than was there since he had a BRICK IN IT!!! You people always making up stories!

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Utter garbage

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Thank you matt, very cool.

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Do you know the timing between the random warning shot in the nytimes timeline and rittenhouse shooting the first person?

That's something I've had trouble figuring out. It looks like someone shoots into the air right before the altercation between the two of them.


They are paywalling me but I think that's the link. If not, it comes up when you Google kenosha shooting timeline

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Hopefully he spends a long time in the klink. I'm sure the other inmates will treat baby blue with all the kindness and respect he deserves.

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This is great! One small addition might be helpful on the following:

"It's unclear where Rittenhouse was going at that point or what he was going to do next...again, he had just shot someone and was leaving the scene. Huber and Grosskreutz were attempting to incapacitate an individual involved in an active shooting just minutes earlier."

There is video from Grosskreutz's stream where he asks Rittenhouse what he was doing, and he answers "I'm going to go get the police". After hearing someone else said that Rittenhouse was the shooter, Grosskreutz shouted "get him".


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